About Our Business

Behind every business there has to be a drive to provide the best services possible with experience, efficiency and the ability to problem solve.

Our Background

With over a decade of experience in commercial agriculture from farm management and shepherding to high precision arable and forage operations, we have true industry experience behind us, but it doesn't just stop with agriculture.

Farm and land infastructure is also massive part of our background, completing drainage works, track building, specialty vegetation management, forestry management, fencing and extensive groundworks all over the country have given us a broad skill set and the ability to look at any potential works with an objective view.

Smith All Terrain Contracting was born from this experience, with a keen eye for the future of both agriculture and the future of land use whilst applying our skills and experience to provide services for the wider land based community with a focus on mechanised contract fencing.


We believe in a sustainable business strategy that provides the customer with the best possible outcome, at the best price we can afford. Our goal is to provide every customer with a quote or rate of agreed works they can count on whilst making our business sustainable, helping it to grow and keep providing great services year on year.


With every land based business comes an olive branch and we're no stranger to diversification. The more we grow, the more we have diversified to provide a range of services across a broad array of industry. We are big believers in thinking outside the box and we're certainly not afraid to delve into new territory when it comes to fencing and land based contracting!